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Drinking water and that too clean water is necessary for our health. Surprisingly, we don’t know how much bacteria is sitting in our reusable water bottles. With the increase in the moto of staying hydrated and leading an eco-friendly green life. We need to stop buying new bottles every now and then and stay hydrated. LARQ, a health and wellness brand has introduced the LARQ Movement water bottle. It is a bottle designed with self-cleaning technology keeping your water free from germs.

In this blog, we will give a closer look at the LARQ movement water bottle.  So it’s easier for you to decide whether you should buy it before your next trip or not.


LARQ Movement Water Bottle

LARQ Movement water bottle is a high-tech, eco-friendly water purifier. This bottle will purify the water for you, even if it is tap water. It also self-cleanses itself so you don’t have to worry about washing it every day. It is not just a bottle but your commitment to a green and clean environment.

It is a tall, slim stainless steel water bottle. The LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis is a non-insulated bottle. It comes in 24oz and 32oz sizes. The bottle has a purifier in the lid. This purifier uses UV-C technology to clean the water in 60 seconds. Whether you have poured in water from a lake, stream, or faucet – the purifier will clean both, the water and the bottle.

Features of LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis

  • UV-C technology: for water purification
  • Capacity: 710ml and 950ml
  • Battery: works up to one month
  • Charging Time: takes one hour for full charge
  • Silicone sleeve: For easy grip

How does the LARQ water bottle work?

LARQ water bottle is a compact UV-C water purifier. This technology is built into the lid. The small square light on the inner side of the lid is the purifier.

To purify the water, press the center of the lid to activate the water cleaning. The sky-blue light will indicate that water is being purified. It takes around 60 seconds to purify the water and clean the bottle.

If you double-tap the lid, you will see a pulsing blue light. The bottle will start a three-minute water-cleaning cycle. You can use it if you are really unsure about the water quality.

This bottle has a micro USB connector built into it. The light will turn green while charging and the charge stays for up to one month.

Pros & Cons of Larq Movement Water Bottle

LightweightCostly as compared to other bottles
The cap is a bit heavyNeeds to be charged
Saves MoneyNon-Insulated
Reduction in plastic useCap is a bit heavy
Self-cleaning ability – No need to washUV light doesn’t clean the spout


LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis is the non-insulated model of LARQ Bottles.

Well, I would say the LARQ Movement water bottle is a must-have bottle. This water bottle will save you money, reduce the impact on the environment, and keep you healthy. Its impressive technology makes the water purification process quick and easy. Re-fill your bottle from a lake or a stream, just tap the lid and wait for a few minutes to have pure water right away.

FAQ’s: LARQ Water Bottle

Are LARQ water bottles leakproof?

Yes, LARQ water bottles PureVis are waterproof. They store water and do not leak.

Does LARQ Movement Bottle really clean the water?

As per the website, the bottle eliminates 99.8% of bio-contaminants i.e. E.coli in a 20-second water cleansing cycle.

How to clean LARQ bottles? Can I wash the LARQ bottle lid too?

These bottles have self-cleaning ability. You should still wash them yourself occasionally. You can wash the lid since it has an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Is LARQ Movement bottle dishwasher safe?

No, As per LARQ, their bottles are not suitable for the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.

Are LARQ UV bottles safe to use?

Yes, they are perfectly safe. The UV-C light kills the bacteria and pathogens in the water. So you don’t get ill from the contaminated water.

What Sizes of LARQ water bottles are easily available?

  • LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis 950ml
  • LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis 710ml
  • LARQ Bottle PureVis 740ml (Insulated)
  • LARQ Bottle PureVis 500ml (Insulated)

Is LARQ Movement Bottle expensive?

As per the website, the movement bottle costs $89.

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