5 Easiest Crochet Water Bottle Holder Patterns

Tired of carrying a water bottle in your hand? Isn’t it better you keep your hands free and stay hydrated? A crochet water bottle holder is the ideal solution. Researching the internet we have chosen 5 easiest crochet water bottle holder patterns for you.

Before that, if you want to make a crochet bottle holder yourself. Here we will guide you on how to make a DIY water bottle holder.

How to Make a Crochet Water Bottle Holder?

Whether you are going hiking or cycling, using a crochet water bottle holder will help you carry the bottle easily keeping your hands free.

Things You Need

Things you would need for crocheting

  • Yarn – Any color you like.
  • Crocket hook – a size that matches the gauge
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers

How to Crocket a water bottle holder for beginners?

Here we will guide you about how to make an easy crochet water bottle holder. Following these easy steps, even a beginner can make a water bottle holder. It’s a holder crocheted in rounds.

  1. First, crochet a solid circle in rounds to make a base. The circle should be big enough for the bottom. Also, the diameter of the crochet circle should be bigger than the diameter of the water bottle.
  2. Then, crochet a mesh pattern by joining rounds/circles to create the body of the bag. Continue stitching in rounds so that the holder length is higher than the bottle.
  3. Next, crochet a long strap and stitch it with the body of the bag.

They are a handy and stylish choice to carry your favorite drink with you. You might use any scrap yarn for it. Cotton yarn is the best option since it is washable and durable. Enjoy making a DIY water bottle holder!

Stunning Free Crochet Water Bottle Holder Patterns

Some other different patterns for crocheting water bottle holders are.

Star Stitch Bottle Holder

This design makes the holder look beautiful and sturdy. You can check out YouTube for a video tutorial on how to make a Star stitch water bottle holder.

Flower Pattern Water Bottle Holder

We all love floral prints and likewise would love a bottle holder with floral details too. You would need two different colors of yarn for this. So you can make the body in one color and flowers in the contrast.

Water Bottle Holder With Phone Pocket

For hiking or long trips, you should crochet a water bottle holder with a phone pocket. Since the water bottle and phone both are a must have item. By choosing this phone pocket pattern bottle holder, you can drink water and attend a call keeping your hands free.

Cute Crochet Bottle Holder Patterns

Got a little girl who loves unicorns and bunnies? You can make a cute bunny pattern or unicorn pattern water bottle holder. It would be an adorable holder for the little one. She will enjoy carrying it along and will stay hydrated too.

Rainbow Water Bottle Holder

The crochet rainbow water bottle holder is a colorful one. You would need different colors of yarn for it. Since each row of the holder will be of a different color. It’s fine if you don’t have the rainbow colors. You can choose your favorite colors and crochet your bottle holder.


What is the best yarn for a crochet water bottle holder?

Cotton yarn is the best choice for making crochet water bottle holders. Cotton is durable, strong, and long-lasting.

What type of yarn is best for making crochet water bottle holder?

You should crocket at least 48 inches long strap. Since it will be worn either on the side of the shoulder or crossbody. You can also make it shorter, its your choice.

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