Kinto Water Bottle Review

Kinto water bottle is famous for being the best compact and lightweight water bottle for everyday use. It is made up of high-quality copolyester. This bottle is scratch-resistant and a durable choice indeed.

kinto water bottle

Kinto Brand

Kinto is a kitchenware brand with a tagline of “Let your day be filled with what inspires you.” It is known for its stylish and innovative high-quality kitchen and homeware items. Founded in 1972 in Japan, this brand has reached its heights and has also been featured in publications like The New York Times.

Kinto Water Bottle

Kinto is a stylish water bottle made with co-polyester. It offers a see-through glass-like look in plastic. Kinto water bottle comes in three sizes i.e. 300ml, 500ml, and 950ml. Here we will provide you with a quick Kinto water bottle review. So it’s easier for you to decide whether you should buy it or not.


While choosing a product, we always look for something that is good to look at, hold and use. A good-looking water bottle is a pretty and practical solution to your daily hydration needs. It’s sleek and lightweight, which helps it fit in the bag easily. The lid is leakproof so you don’t have to worry. Kinto bottle is built with a stainless steel body, which helps maintain the temperature of the fluid for long hours.


Insulated Walls

Keep your hydration game on in style with the Kinto Travel Tumbler. It is a double-walled insulated steel tumbler perfect for keeping your hot and cold beverages at their temperature. Whether you are going to the office or going for jogging. The insulation also prevents the Kinto travel tumbler outside from condensation, so you don’t need to worry about any mess. It is a great companion indeed!


We have Kinto water bottle 300ml, 500ml, and 950ml available in the market. The 300ml bottle can hold a cup of water whereas 500ml has a capacity of about 2 cups. The top lid of the bottle also has a sipping hole so you can drink from it easily.


It is an eco-friendly and durable water bottle. It is made with BPA-free plastic. This means it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that other plastic bottles potentially have. The container promises to maintain your beverage temperature with its double insulated wall.

The wide mouth of the bottle makes cleaning and refilling easy. It has a silicone lid which works as a handle and gets open easily with a twist. The cap is leakproof so you don’t have to worry about any accidental spills.

Kinto Water Bottle Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
BPA-free plastic, safe from chemicals.Expensive than other water bottles.
Lightweight and easy to carry.The airtight seal might cause some difficulty in opening and closing the lid.
Insulated stainless steel to keep drinks hot or cold.Weak grip when hands are sweaty or wet since the bottle surface is very smooth.
Wide mouth for cleaning & refilling.


It is a perfect choice for hydration whether you are at the office, plan to hike, or workout at the gym. Do check out Kinto Water Bottle Amazon! You can get the Kinto water bottle in clear, smoke, and amber color. It is indeed a great choice if you are in search of a durable and aesthetic water bottle. Not only it is good-looking but is also well-insulated to keep the juice cold for hours.



Is the Kinto water bottle affordable?

Kinto water bottles come in three different sizes. Their prices start from $19, which is affordable. Still, it’s pricey compared to other water bottles. The water bottle’s design and capabilities come with a price. So it’s your choice, whether you want it or not.

Who owns Kinto?

Kinto is a Japan-based brand founded in 1972. Kinto kitchenware is sold around the world via numerous outlets like Amazon, SSENSE, and Milligram. If you live in the USA, you can shop Kinto kitchenware from Kinto-USA.

What Products does Kinto sell?

Kinto sells teaware, coffeeware, tableware, and other accessories. Some of its famous products are the Kinto SCS Coffee Carafe Set, Coffee Server, Kinto Wide Mug, Kinto Tall Mug etc.

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