Harmful Side Effects Of Plastic Water Bottles

Are you using plastic water bottles for storing water ? Even if its a high quality plastic water bottle – but Plastic is Plastic!! You might have not given it a thought, but using plastic water bottles can be very dangerous. You need to throw it away.

As per doctors general recommendation, you should be drinking at least eight ounce glasses of water every day. It is best for optimal mental and physical health condition. But if you are using plastic bottles for it. Be careful! Here we will mention some harmful side effects of plastic bottles.

Chemicals In Plastic Water Bottles

Why is plastic bottled water bad for your health? If you are re-using your plastic bottles, overtime the chemicals in the plastic will leach into the water. These dangerous toxins enter in your body organs leading to breast and uterine cancer or kidney and liver damage.

Let me give you another news, even BPA-free bottles are not completely safe. The compounds used in making these bottles are dangerous for health too. Mostly, plastic water bottles are made of Polythylene Terephthalate or PET. During hot summers, PET also releases toxic elements into the water.

Gain Weight By Drinking Plastic Bottled Water

If you are trying to lose some weight. Back off from using the plastic bottles. Surprisingly, plastic water bottles also plays a role in the weight gain. Yes, This claim is based on a scientific research.

According to a report published in Environmental Science and Technology journal. Plastic water bottles have some substances that increase the number of fat cells in your body. Hence increasing your overall weight.

Plastic water bottles

Drinking Microplastics With Water

By using plastic bottles, you are not only taking plastic toxins in your body. Microplastics might also enter your body. These are tiny plastic particles that break down from your bottle and enters your body.

Microplastics cause major damages to human body cells. These micropastics also pass on from mothers to their unborn children. Hence, every day use of the plastic water bottles will expose your body parts and blood with significant chemical toxins.

Plastic Bottles Are Killing Marine Life

Choosing plastic water bottle, you should consider not only your own health but also the lives of marine animals. Plastics are streaming into the oceans like one garbage truck load per minute. This large quantity of plastic and waste entering the sea has harmful consequences on the marine wildlife.

In 2018, a whale was found in Indonesia having more than 13 pounds plastic and plastic bottles in the stomach. Plastic water bottles when tossed and turned break into microplastics. They are ingested by fish the same way as human beings.

Disposable Water Bottles Are Harmful For The Environment

PET made disposible water bottles take around 450 years to degrade. US uses 17 million oil barrels for making plastic water bottle each year to meet the demands of it people. Thats excessive carbon footprint.

Isn’t it better you just drink filtered tap water instead of using plastic water bottles.

Recycling disposable water bottles is better than throwing it in the garbage. Unfortunately, only 7% of plastic of water bottles are recycled only.

Do Not Refill Plastic Water Bottles

You might be right by reusing the water bottles instead of throwing them away. But reusing water bottles come with lots of health risks. The more you reuse a plastic bottle, the more chemicals and toxins will breakout from the plastic and enter the water.

Overtime, harmful substances like DEHP and BPA start adding into the bloodstream causing damage to the body. Additionally, cracks in the plastic might also be the home for bacteria eventually affecting your health.

Why Plastic Water Bottles Should Be Banned?

Well knowing the harmful side effects of plastic water bottles, we think they should be banned. If you use plastic bottles for drinking water. The harmful toxins and microplastics will enter your body causing damage. Its better to opt for environment friendly recycled water bottles or metal bottles. Or simply fill a glass of water from the tap and enjoy it.


I hope this article is enough for you to throw away those plastic water bottles. A good step to better life is switching to recycled water bottles.

Think about the environment, marine life and future of our children!

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